Haven – Instrument

Haven creates an analog soundscape by harvesting the wind. The goal was to create a personal space for relaxation while protecting the user from the wind.

Haven consists of arm sleeves that collect air flow through pipes of varying lengths and materials, and a head piece that acts as an analog speaker. The wind is funneled through tubes that connect the arm sleeves to the head piece. The sounds are naturally amplified by the pipes and exit through the tunnels in the head piece and into the ears.

For more details, please visit: http://www.soundplusdesign.com/?p=5177

Jock of the Bushveld

Feature Film (3D animation): Cinema & DVD (in production)

Role: Sound effects recordist.


Mavericks of Chance

Commercial: TV & Cinema

Role: Location & sound effects recordist



Commercial: TV & Cinema

Role: Sound effects recordist and basic editing


Night Drive

Feature Film: Cinema & DVD

Role: additional sound design & sound effects editing.


Conversations with the Natives

Webseries: Online

Role: Co-producer, location recordist, and mix.


Bakgat II

Feature film: Cinema & DVD

Role: Sound effects recordist and editor.