The Installation

BMW announced their sponsorship for the South African rugby team – The Springboks. With Mann Made Media, we created a 30 meter long tunnel simulating the walk a rugby player would experience going onto a stadium.

The agency developed a strategy that sought to parallel the thrill of driving a BMW with the adrenalin rush that a Springbok rugby player experiences when running onto the field. This thought was contained in the creative theme, ‘From Tarmac to Turf’. To dramatise this, the agency teamed up its most enthusiastic rugby jocks together with its most gifted technical bo s. The result was a carefully designed and precisely staged audio and visual installation that recreated the visceral experience of walking down a tunnel alive with the sounds of anticipation, and then running into a packed stadium that explodes with a panorama of passionate supporters. Using superb sound design, bespoke technology motion detection, and a four metre tall, 180º plasma wall of tens of thousands of CGI fans to achieve the effect, the announcement of this momentous sponsorship scored some excellent reviews with the media.

The Sound Design

I was in charge of creating a sound design and bespoke software that simulates what a rugby play would experience as they walk onto the stadium. We had an array of 12 speakers and 2 subwoofers lining a 30 meter long constructed tunnel. The software controls different states of loops I recorded and designed. As the participants walk, the sound builds from a distant stadium stomping their feet in unison to a stadium singing the South Africa Anthem. As they reach closer to the exit, the sound keeps developing and getting more exciting, loud, and present. Around the bend, a motion detection system picks them up and the whole “stadium” erupts.

Augmented Flashes

I was also in charge of augmenting the experience of when the participants step into the “stadium” and it erupts. A set of disposable cameras were hacked, and the flashes triggered once a motion tracking system detects the participants. For this, I brought on Dino Fizzotti, an electrical engineer to implement the design.