loci – 3D Printed Sculptures of Your Flights

Each loci is a unique 3D printed sculpture bespoke to someone’s flights spurring recollection, reflection and conversation about their travels.

It is a working prototype made for my final project while studying at CIID. I am not releasing the software yet as we are aiming to include loci directly in an iPhone app I co-created called Flying. A big part of the app, is the ability to track one’s flights, so it would be fantastic to be able to create a loci directly from whithin Flying!

Through custom software built in Max/MSP, the user is able to select specific flights that matter to them, such as a honey moon, a summer vacation through Europe or all of their flights from a given year. To ease this process, the user can connect to Tripit or Foursquare and import their past flight data automatically.

Each loci comes with a card highlighting on a map all the airports flown to. The sculpture can be placed on this card to help visualize their travels. Additional information is displayed on the card, such as the title chosen by the user, the total distance travelled, the number of airports visited, and the number of flights taken.

The software generates a file suitable for 3D printing, so that the user can either print it themselves or use a service like Shapeways that prints for them.

Seen on:
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  1. Hen Chung says:

    Genius and beautiful. I can’t wait for this feature to be launched!

  2. Andrew Spitz says:

    Thanks, Hen. In the process of making it happen! Stay tuned :-)

  3. Jens Vaupe says:


    Can’t wait to get this tool!!
    By the way, where did you get those dotted maps?

  4. Andrew Spitz says:


    I designed and printed the map myself. So you can’t get them off the shelf.

  5. Florian Spisla says:

    Looks great! But since I’ve been managing my flights on openflights.org (other friends use flightdiary or flightmemory) it would be great if there was a possibility to import or synchronize somehow.

  6. Andrew Spitz says:

    Hey Florian, thanks for the feedback! I will look into it for when it get’s made. It’s currently just in prototype phase.

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