SAB Wonder Wall

Interactive Installation: Live event

Role: Interaction designer

Client: Mann Made Media / South African Breweries (SAB)

the installation

We created an interactive video wall for SAB to present 16 entrepreneurs participating in a competition. The audience got to meet the entrepreneurs by navigating around the wall. When standing at a position on the wall, the corresponding video would start.


I did the electronics, the interactive flooring, and programmed part of the interactive system. The visuals, which involved all the production of the videos, the full event, and the programming and integration of all the videos into the installation were done by Mann Made Media.


I used Max/MSP and Arduino to control the interactive flooring. The visuals were controlled using Quartz Composer and programmed by Stephen Buchanan and Bradley Longbottom. We had 4 massive projectors, and 4 Mac Minis dealing with the visuals.

participants interacting participants interacting